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District Cleanups

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What We Do

Community Cleanups

Every month, you'll find the District Cleanups #CleanupCrew somewhere in the DC area. We clean up parks, neighborhoods, streets- you name it. We tackle trash and aim to leave things a little better than we found them.

Raising Awareness

A single piece of trash takes almost no effort to pick up, but an entire street full of litter can seem overwhelming. With a little bit of time, attention, and care, we can demonstrate a proper example of community ownership.

Building Community

The decentralized nature of our cleanups is intentional. We want our volunteers to explore their city and surrounding areas. Before you can truly care for something, you have to know it first. That's how we build community.

Home: Services

How Does It Work?

Each month, District Cleanups organizes and hosts a community cleanup somewhere in or around the District of Columbia. Most of our cleanup events last for a few hours and end with a social gathering. We coordinate with the appropriate government entities and partner with private businesses and other environmental groups to ensure our cleanups are as safe, effective, and fun as possible. 


District Cleanups will provide the necessary cleanup equipment, although you're more than welcome to bring your own gloves, trash bags, and grabbers. Rain, snow, or shine, we'll plan on getting to the areas that need our attention. Just show up! We got the rest. 

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