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About Us

The Saturday after January 6th, 2021, the area in front of the Capitol Building was full of litter. We put out a call to help cleanup the area on social media, and that call was answered. Around 20 volunteers, all strangers, picked up cigarette butts from the National Mall, fished beer bottles out of the fountain at Union Square, and filled many trash bags.


Following that initial cleanup, the group decided to meet again...and again...and again.

Today, District Cleanups is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization that connects volunteers with communities in and around the District that need a little extra attention. We organize cleanups with the goal of making things better.

Cleanups are never just about cleaning things up. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

District Cleanups' mission is to instill pride and ownership of our collective communities through the removal of trash and frequent engagement with District of Columbia residents. We firmly believe in the power of volunteers to have a positive impact on the people and environments around them. 

The District Cleanups vision is to exist in a world where routine cleanups aren't necessary. In pursuit of that vision, we recognize that there's more to an ideal community than one without noticeable litter. Community ownership is also a reflection of social interaction and a collective desire to keep our communities safe and welcoming for those who pass through them. Through cleanup events, we aim to build stronger and better connected communities. 

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